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Writing is a passion. For some, it could be considered as an outlet to release all the troubles being felt at that moment. Others write to inform, or to argue. But there are also those times when a person write to tell a story – their story. Her story.

With, it’s all of the above. It is about giving into a passion as the troubles are released by informing people of a real life story. It is a story that spoke of a battle faced in an everyday life. It is a battle that is taken one day at the time. As opposed to your usual stories with a happily-ever after ending, the story here might not have that same ending. This is a never-ending story of a struggle that is filled with roller coaster of emotions that just never ceases. Follow here a real-life encounter of a person who suffered from PTSD as she almost lost an important part of her life.


PTSD or Post-traumatic Stress Disorder is a mental health condition that’s triggered by any terrifying event – either experiencing it themselves, or witnessing it happen. One may suffer from continuous flashbacks, nightmares, uncontrollable thoughts, and severe anxiety about the event as symptoms. They could be destructive, or just depressed.

Mostly, military soldiers are known to experience this after being exposed to war. Many among them recount being jumpy and panicky at the little sounds they hear like the opening and closing of the garage doors. There are even those who cannot sleep with their partners because the body alone feels repressive and suffocating. It’s like bringing them back to those moments when they encounter enemies and engaged.


Most often overlooked however is that common people also experience PTSD. This is most especially when faced with a life and death situations like losing a child who you carried in your insides for 9 amazing months. The symptoms is the same although in a different setting.

Your emotions play with your mind so that there are times when functioning is even hard. You cannot do anything but stare in a faraway place only you could see, and endure. You suffered from it anywhere, even in the most inconvenient places.

Your everyday life is affected and it seems as if sometimes, you just want to live in that little shell you made for yourself. If there are no support group available for you, you just might.


Good thing about suffering is having great friend who are supportive enough to help you deal with it. They are strong when you are not, and a source of courage when you need one.

Also, it helps to find a hobby, in this case writing, to help release all the negativity from the system and cope. It may not be the same hobby, but something that takes your mind out of your trouble may be helpful. If you are into sports, it would be helpful as well. If you are not, then perhaps you could try involving yourself now. Although at the end of the day, it is your strong will that would help.

Tips in Overcoming Depression

One of the most severe and even debilitating effects of post-traumatic disorder or PTSD is depression. A lot of people with PTSD actually go through this.

Depression is that feeling of sadness or despondency that affects a person for a period of time and impacts that person’s mindset – meaning in terms of how he or she feels, thinks or even behaves. I can talk about this from experience and with authority because when I was suffering from PTSD, I also had a long bout with depression.

At that time, I was with the lead geeks, working on generating leads for real estate clients. I could not focus on my job because I was too despondent and my mind was whirring with my anxiety. I did not know what to feel and what to think. I could not work. And so I stopped going to the office, took a leave and stayed at home. I even closed myself off from family and friends. Then I realized that it actually worsened my depression and made it all the more difficult for me to bounce back.

So for those of you suffering from the same issues, here are my top tips to help you snap out of it. But remember that depression is a difficult matter and carries with it a lot of complex issues. So it is definitely a hard journey to go through.

Tip #1: Take in Omega 3 Fatty Acids

A psychiatry study notes that taking in Omega 3 and fish oil can actually help alleviate the symptoms of depression. The study noted that it can actually result to a 50 percent decrease in suicidal tendencies, anxiety and sleep issues. Plus, Omega 3 can even improve your health as it strengthens the heart and helps lower your cholesterol.

Tip #2 See a Counselor

Depression is not something that you can combat alone. You need to see a therapist or a counselor who can help you monitor your mental health and assist in pinpointing the causes of your problems and its triggers. A counselor is trained to guide you in recovering from depression and can actually provide a personalized plan that is specific for you.

Tip #3 Surround yourself with family and friends

Closing yourself off will not help you snap out of your depression. You need to go out and surround yourself with family and friends who will provide you with emotional support and lightness of spirit to drive away the darkness of depression.

Tip #4 Sleep, sleep, sleep

Getting at least 8 hours of sleep each day can actually help in improving your mental health. Sleep can refresh the brain and reinvigorate your organs. As such, it is very important to always aim for the right amount of sleep. Taking sleep medication recommended by your physician and relaxing yourself by getting a massage or through recreational activities can stimulate sleep.

By doing all of these, you are guaranteed to be at least one step away to improving your issues with depression. Try these tips now. is regularly updated with new stories is regularly updated with new stories. This is basically a journal of a life which many of you could probably relate to. It is a reflection of a journey in this life – both happy and sad.

In this page, you’d encounter real life experiences which is focused around family and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder which could happen to anyone. This served as a way to show people that there is a way to get through this only if ee try and we work hard enough. It is a story that tells people that no matter what, there is still hope.

Writing was both relieving and relaxing as it is a way to release stress. For the readers out there, may you ne inspored while reading these life works, and continue helping people who suffered the same in their struggle.

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