About Me

Hi, I’m Tiffany.
And this blog is mostly about my kids – Bubs & Bubbette {nope, those aren’t their real names} & my husband, who is all-too-often forgotten, but secretly is the only reason I hold it together on any given day. (Don’t tell him I said so. I try to put up a strong front. Ya know?)

I started this blog as a way to work through my PTSD, after Bubs was in a serious accident in July 2009. I wanted to have a secret place where I could unload on innocent by-standers, and no one would have to know…
Jokes on me.

(Hi, Mom!)
Lesson: No matter how old you get, your mom ALWAYS finds out.
Well, I still get to vent my worries into the interwebz on occasion but it has evolved into a place where I share my inner-most thoughts on parenting, faith, life & friendship. I have also been known to post shameful amounts of photos of my kids & attempt to delight my inner-comedian, as I try to make sense of this crazy life we have crafted.

I love hearing from my readers! Feel free to contact me at mom-nom@hotmail.com.


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