is regularly updated with new stories is regularly updated with new stories. This is basically a journal of a life which many of you could probably relate to. It is a reflection of a journey in this life – both happy and sad.

In this page, you’d encounter real life experiences which is focused around family and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder which could happen to anyone. This served as a way to show people that there is a way to get through this only if ee try and we work hard enough. It is a story that tells people that no matter what, there is still hope.

Writing was both relieving and relaxing as it is a way to release stress. For the readers out there, may you ne inspored while reading these life works, and continue helping people who suffered the same in their struggle.

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As was previously mentioned, this blog site is continuously updated to put on record a life’s journey. May this serve its goal in helping people and in providing them with the strength they need. May this be a guide for individuals to not give up the fight.

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