Reviews and Giveaways

Whether you are a small Etsy shop just getting started or a major corporation trying to market your brand using social media – we love sharing amazing products with our readers!

However, we are rather selective when we choose who we partner with, ensuring the company supports the values & mission of this blog.   If you think your product would interest my readers, please feel free to contact me at

Past Reviews & Giveaways Includes:

• Bel Kai Designs
• Shey B Camera Straps
• Gracious May
• Sweet Harper
• Coconut Robot
• Josiah’s Nest
• Bird E Studios
• Gussy Sews
• Jessa ZG
• Uff Da Designs
• The Pleated Poppy
• Goat Milk Stuff
• Among {many} others.

Help build the enthusiasm of our readers as they look forward to wonderful surprises that await them. Be part of the growing community in Unite individuals with products that could help them everyday. Be the reason why they let up a smile often. Share your products and give it life through them.

At this time I am only interested in hosting reviews that also provide a giveaway to my readers. Thank you for considering partnering with Mom-Nom.Com, we look forward to working with you.